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Given a magento installation with multiple existing websites and stores, is it possible to create a new website/store that requires users to login before they can order a product? Optional visitors should not be able to see the products as well. I prefer a module or extension that works out of the box, and has a setting in the admin to require login. This may be a paid module.

I found the following extension from Mageparts.


This is only useful if new user accounts have to be approved by us. I found another extension by mageparts:



  • Does anyone use these extensions and do they work like they should?
  • What are the alternatives for these extensions?
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There is a nice Free extension Login only catalog by Vinai Kopp.You can easily modify it accoording to your requirement

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I'll try it, but I can't open the Connect Manager locally at the moment, and don't want to mess with the production site. –  SPRBRN Jan 31 '13 at 12:54

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