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I have a class which declare the dictionary tags

This is declare in class FirstClass

-(NSDictionary *)getTags{

return tags;

At unit testing

i created FirstClassTest class of ocUnit Testing

included #import "FirstClass.h"


    [super setUp];
// Allocations the class

_firstClass = [[FirstClass alloc]init];


_firstClass =nil;
    [super tearDown];

// Need to write Unit test for that class
[_firstClass getTags];


This is my first time writing unit testing! Can any one guide me to write proper unit test cases

@All Thanks in advance

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First, it looks like you’re writing a plain getter. That doesn’t make much sense in modern Objective-C: if you just want to return a pointer to an instance variable, use a synthesized getter (and drop the get prefix).

Second, what do you want to test here? If you just want to test that the getter really does return some dictionary, then the test is essentially useless. Maybe the tags are calculated according to some other values? Then set up those values and check that the tags dictionary is computed correctly. Never write test just for their own sake.

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thanks for your information! I just want to test this method return value and which is returning dictionary or not! – kiran Jan 30 '13 at 17:02
In that case see the STAssertNotNil macro. – zoul Jan 30 '13 at 18:18

IT should be!!!


        _firstClass = nil;
        _firstClass = [[FirstClass alloc] init];

        NSDictionary *t_dictionary = [_firstClass getTags];

        if (t_dictionary == nil) {
            STAssertNil(nil, @"TestFailed return value is nil");


        else {
            STAssertNotNil(t_dictionary, @"Retrun value");

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