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I am currently developing an APP to create a communication field between two devices over Wi-Fi tethering and TCP protocols. The first one is an Android device(server) that do not have a SIM card and it is not interesting to the customer. The second one (client) only supports Wi-fi tethering connectivity and needs to connect to an access point or a portable wifi hotspot.

To activate the Portable Wifi hotspot on the Android phone I need to have a SIM Card. However I found an app called FoxFi that allows the phone enable it without SIM Card, but I still need to have some internet connectivity to able to do it (Eg. any wifi connected to a router). The problem is: in the field the customer will not have any internet connect and to get a SIM card is not a option.

Does anyone know how could I force the activation of the Wifi tethering without SIM card and any internet connectivity?

thank you

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I believe Hotspot Control does this. Worked for me on Android 4.0.4 on Samsung Galaxy Note (SGH-I1717). It says rooting is usually not required, and it was not required for me either.

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shame that only works on android 4+. foxfi works on 2 too, but as said requires internet to start. –  peter Jul 27 at 23:23

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