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I have a text file with 2 columns of numbers corresponding to (x,y) coords.

4 1
4 5
1 1
1 5
2.5 3

How do I tell gnuplot to plot these points and label each point with its corresponding row #? (Please keep in mind I'm going to apply this to a much larger file with 100 points, so I'm looking for a way to do it automagically, rather than have to create a 3rd column of data corresponding to row numbers).

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You can use the with labels flag to the plot command. By default this places the label instead of the point at the place where the point would be. with label takes the offset flag (and any flag you can pass to set label) so you can have the label next to the point. Here is an example script:

#!/usr/bin/env gnuplot


set terminal pngcairo
set output 'test.png'

set xr [0:5]
set yr [0:6]

plot 'data.dat' pt 7, \
     'data.dat' using 1:2:($0+1) with labels offset 1 notitle

which produces this output:

enter image description here

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The docs state: The font, color, rotation angle and other properties of the printed text may be specified as additional command options (see "set label") (from help style labels) ... thats the best I can do as far as documentation is concerned. Anyway, this is the correct way to do it I think. +1 –  mgilson Jan 30 '13 at 19:10
You're right, I missed that in the docs for help labels. –  andyras Jan 30 '13 at 23:00

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