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I am using webscraping to get data from a certain website using SIMPLE PHP DOM PARSER CLASS There are few problems i am facing.

  1. There are two websites which are returning an error HTTP 403 forbidden
  2. Secondly As per the below code i am scraping 9 products from 9 URLS after 8 URL's i get error i shuffle the urls and checked single one but its not the url its the execution time or web requests may be allowed as i get Appache windows error .I tried to delay it using sleep(10); it didnt worked any help would be highly appreciated

          $url = $this->urls['abc'].'Product/1/1_oz_Gold_American_Eagle___Random_Year.aspx';
            $regex = 'span[id=ctl10_ctl00_tc1_TabPnlProdDesc_lblbuyprice]';
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Well the error was due to memory leaks in apache server

so using these two lines will make it work .


where $dom is object of parser class

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