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I am dynamically adding radpanes to a dockinghost. But I want to trap when the pane is closed. But I cant seem to find how.

Here's the code I use to dynamically add the radpanes. What could I add to it to hook up the closing of the pane?

public RadDocumentPane AddDocumentPane(string title, UserControl control, string paneGroup, DockPosition position)
             RadPaneGroup group = FindName(paneGroup) as RadPaneGroup;
             RadDocumentPane r = null;

            if (group != null)
                 r = new RadDocumentPane();                
                r.Title = title;
                 r.Content = control;                
                group.AddItem(r, position);

            return r;
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Are you using RadDocking for your DockingHost? If so the events to listen for are all on the host itself.

A Close event handler would look something like this:

void RadDocking_Close(object sender,  Telerik.Windows.Controls.Docking.StateChangeEventArgs e)
    foreach (var pane in e.Panes)
        //do something with the pane
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Perfect - thanks TriggerPin! –  Rick Hodder Jan 30 '13 at 20:05

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