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I received a suggestion from a prior question that I need to amend my code chain a series of POST requests together, but I don't have any idea how to accomplish this. Specifically, the advice I was given was to:

fire off a post, have its success handler fire off the next post, etc... and then when all the posts are done, the final post's success handler fires off the get

This strategy makes sense to me but I do not know how to implement. I am trying to prevent the call to GET before all of the calls to POST have completed. Currently, I have implemented $.when.apply to delay the sending of GET. Here is the code for that:

$.when.apply(undefined, InsertTheAPPs()).done(function () {
url: sURL + "fileappeal/send_apps_email",
success: function() {  
    var m = $.msg("my message",
    {header:'my header', live:10000});
        if(m)m.setBody(' other message.');             
error: function(){
    $.msg("error message",
    {header:'error header', live:10000});

Here is the code for the jQuery $.each loop. This is the code that needs to not only begin, but must end before the ajax call to fileappeal/send_apps_email above:

function InsertTheAPPs(){
    var jqxhrs = [];
        var rn = $(this).prop('value'); 
            url: sURL + 'fileappeal/insert_app',
            dataType: 'text',
            data: {'rn': rn},
            error: function(data) {console.log('Error:'+rn+'_'+data);}
    return jqxhrs;

Could someone demonstrate how I can modify the code above to implement the strategy of chaining together the multiple POST calls?

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You have the return jqxhrs inside the each so it is never retruned. – prodigitalson Jan 30 '13 at 16:54
Pass the result of each successful call to the .done() of the next. – OpenSorceress Jan 30 '13 at 16:57
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Don't return from .each. It doesn't work that way. Instead do this:

var jqxhrs = [];
return jqxhrs;

Nothing is assigned to the return value of .each, which you can't get anyway. Returning from each allows it to be used like break/continue, which doesn't make sense in your context.

Moreover, the var jqxhrs inside of the each loop causes a new variable to be declared in that context on each iteration of the loop.

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Thanks so much Explosion Pills, you have solved my problem. If we were in the same city I would take you to a great lunch to thank you. Instead you are going to have to settle for my heartfelt gratitude. You truly are a Software developer extraordinaire! – DanielAttard Jan 30 '13 at 17:10
@DanielAttard I only say that in my profile as a show of mock-arrogance, but I appreciate the sentiment – Explosion Pills Jan 30 '13 at 17:12
If the shoe fits... Thanks again. – DanielAttard Jan 30 '13 at 18:48

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