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When I read an XML with XStream, it doesn't show tag <![CDATA[ and ]]>. I'd like XStream to show it.

For example: This is a part of "test.xml"


If I show it in a browser, the browser shows it correctly:

<![CDATA[ <b> ]]>

But when I read and show XML with XStream I see only:

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If i'm not mistaken each element should have a name and a value, (if their being read in as Xppdom objects). I'm guessing what you're looking at is the value. with the it might be a little different, because it is unparsed data, so the name may be "!CDATA" or may not have one at all. In the normal case: if you have <node attr1='val1'> text </node>, when it is read in, calling .getName() will return "node", .getValue() will return text, and .getAttribute("attr1") will return "val1".

If you wanted to print everything with their tags you could make a method String formatXppDom(XppDom elem) to format a printable string with the tags.

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