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I am using Git + MSBuild. I need to get the Git Long Hash number from MSBuild so that I can tie a build to the hash number (and find out what files made up that "revision")

Is there a built in task in MSBuild I can use to get the hash number?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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I'd recommend passing it as property from CI sever itself whose job it is to deal with VCS, that way devs can use the same script against ordinary folder that isn't a git repo, e.g. a dumb copy/paste for hacking around by providing it from CLI. That said, there might be proper api-based community task but I did it with:

<Target Name="Foo">
    <Exec Command="git rev-parse HEAD > head" />
    <ReadLinesFromFile File="head">
        <Output TaskParameter="Lines" PropertyName="Head" /> 
    <Delete Files="head" />
    <Message Text="Head: $(Head)" />

<Target Name="Bar">
    <Message Text="Head: $(Head)" />
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I would suggest to use git describe --tags --always --dirty instead of git rev-parse. It produces nicely formatted version numbers, including short SHAs, e.g.: 1.5.0-RC-119-g30d0a09-dirty – vsizikov Aug 16 '13 at 19:33

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