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I have a lower triangular matrix (L) and an upper triangular matrix (U). I use mldivide to find the solution of L*U*x = b. I think that MATLAB is smart enough to find out that only backward/forward substitution is needed. But I feel it would even faster if I can tell matlab (somehow) that only forward/backward substitution should be carried out.

Kindly let me know how I can tell MATLAB to just do backward/forward substitution and no extra operation is needed.


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The docs are pretty clear:

Permutations of Triangular Matrices

mldivide checks for triangularity by testing for zero elements. If a matrix A is triangular, MATLAB software uses a substitution to compute the solution vector x. If A is a permutation of a triangular matrix, MATLAB software uses a permuted substitution algorithm.


x = U \ (L \ b);

is the backward/forward solution for your problem.

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Searching the documentation it seems like Matlab does indeed use backward/forward substitution. However, since mldivide gets the matrix L*U and not L and U separately, it has to perform the decomposition internally.

If you already have the L and U matrices you may be able to save that part of the calculation.

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