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Is there a way to increase the pageSize per AJAX call to webservice API in Rally.I need to display the task count per team member in a given project.I can do it my making continuous AJAX calls to retreive the tasks per team member.Suppose if there are 80 people working on this project I need to make 80 calls to WebService API.Another Approach I thought of is to get all the tasks of all the team members using single query and then filter the results according to the owners of the tasks but this approach will only return the first 200 tasks since there is a limit on the pageSize. How can I get all the results in a single Query?

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There's a bunch of stuff about Rally in Google. How about helping us out by 1. Posting your code, and 2. Providing a link to the relevant documentation? If Rally says they only return 200 results, then it is what it is. – Robert Harvey Jan 30 '13 at 17:31
Sorry your question was the victim of overzealous moderating. The maximum page size per request is 200. After that you have to page using start=201. Since you mentioned ajax you are probably using one of our App SDK's? They should manage paging for you. I suggest opening a new question with a code snippet asking how to do paging in the App SDK so we can help you and future visitors can find it as well. – Kyle Morse Jan 31 '13 at 0:26
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Are you using one of our App SDK's?


In 1.x RallyDataSource.findAll will automatically page for you and return all results. There are good examples of how to use it here.

In 2.0 preview the WsapiDataStore has a limit parameter you can set to Infinity or some other large maximum number of results to return.

Examples: http://developer.help.rallydev.com/apps/2.0p5/doc/#!/guide/appsdk_20_data_stores

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