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I am currently implementing a UI in play 2.0.4, but I am having problems with the @select helper that I am using for creating a select box. I bind the select to the method Test.methodName which returns a Map object that contains data in the following format:
{2=Sorted1, 1=Sorted2}
As can be seen the data are sorted by their value, and I want this order to be saved when the elements are listed in the select. However, the items are listed in the following order in the select:


It seems like data are sorted by their key. How can I sort by value in the select?

            options = options(Test.methodName),
            'id -> "standardDb",
            '_default -> "--- Choose DB ---",
            '_label -> "Database Name",
            '_error -> paramForm("standardDbName").error.map(_.withMessage(""))
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If are you using java use LinkedHashMap instead of Map.

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The question is tagged as scala –  maxmc Jan 31 '13 at 22:56
@maxmc You are right. The answer still helped me out in Java, as unfortunately the documentation of the playframework is missing so much essential details... :( –  Tom Fink Oct 25 '13 at 10:32

The nature of a map is that it's not sorted. You could return a Seq of Tuples Seq("test"-> 1, "test2" -> 2) instead of a map.

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