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I use ::winEvent() method to listen to system level notifications on Windows. With QT5, this method does not exist anymore; so my application is not receiving any system level messages about added/removed devices.

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It turns out that QWidget::winEvent() has been replaced with new(and improved) QWidget::nativeEvent() method.


New method has a different signature than the old method, but in my case I just needed to switch to a new method without changing the code inside of my overloaded method at all.

Also, there is a new parameter in the new method named "event_type" that can come in handy as well.

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An update that silently breaks working code is hardly an improvement. The event_type is pretty useless as well. With the little documentation available it appears that it can only ever have a single value. What used to be a lean implementation (winEvent) has been overdesigned into a meaningless signature. For the sake of platform independence. Of a platform specific feature. –  IInspectable Apr 15 at 8:05
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