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I have finally been able to get my phonegap/dreamweaver app build to work for Android and have a working APK file.
however, the final APK is going to be much larger than 50mb (google plays limit) due to the fact it has 700 images in it. i realize that I could host them on a server, but I want the app to be completely usable when not online or connected to a network.

In order to get under the limit, I need to use extension files.

has anyone been successful doing this with an app that was made using phonegapp/dreamweaver and finished in eclipse?

If yes, would appreciate guidance on the best way to do it.... Would i zip my www folder and make that the extension file? how do I link it properly in eclipse?


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While researching the same topic I found following tutorial: I haven't tried it yet but maybe it can help you. – Towa Mar 29 '13 at 20:44

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