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I've successfully created a "Hello world" AppEngine project in Eclipse Juno. The problem is that I have to restart Eclipse each time I do a code change in order to get Jetty to provide me with the result from the latest code. Even stopping and restarting Jetty from Eclipse using the Terminate-button from the Console tab does not help. I can see that Jetty is reloading something because the log produces this line, among many others:

INFO: Successfully processed C:\coding\source\projects\HelloWorld\Service\war\WEB-INF/web.xml

I have also checked that the timestasmp of the .class-file in the output folder war/WEB-INF/ classes/... is updated. It is not a browser caching issue either, since I've tried it in two separate browsers.


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I have seen this problem occur on a regular basis. The only sure way that I have been able to address this is to a) To a Project Clean in Eclipse b) Restart the Local Dev Server –  Romin Jan 31 '13 at 3:15

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Turns out I was running multiple Jetty services at once. I now realize I have to terminate each one of them before launching a new one.

List of running and terminated jetty sessions

If anyone know if it's possible to make Eclipse automatically shut down each server before launching a new one, I'd be happy to learn.

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