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Is there a way to get the bounding rect of a text node?

The getBoundingClientRect() method is defined on elements only, and the parent element is bigger then the actual text node.

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Wrap the text node in a <span>, get the boundingRect of that span.

var span = document.createElement('span');
textNode.parentNode.insertBefore(span, textNode);
var rect = span.getBoundingClientRect();
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If you don't need to support IE8 or older, you can use a Range to select the text node, and then get the bounding rect directly from the Range.

Example (should work in this page):

var text = document.getElementById('nav-questions').childNodes[0];
var range = document.createRange();
var rect = range.getBoundingClientRect();
range.detach(); // frees up memory in older browsers

You can also reuse the Range object if you're doing this for multiple text nodes; just make sure not to call range.detach() until you're done. (Note: Range.detach() is now a no-op in the DOM standard, though older browsers will still disable use of the range after its invocation.)

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To test if this will work in your navigator: document.implementation.hasFeature('Range', '2.0'); –  Noyo Feb 11 at 14:50

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