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I am working on a project which runs on .NET 2.0. My task is to recreate the data displayed in HTML as a prinatable image (with the resolution of at least 150dpi). I looked into several options, to no avail:

  1. The WebBrowser class object. While rendering html as an image, it uses the screen resolution on the server machine.
  2. The Sciter by Terra Informatica. It does not exposes a property with which one can set the resolution of the output image
  3. Awesomium can be used with .NET 4.0 or higher only.

I wonder if there is a .NET library out there that can convert an Html page to a printable image. Any help is much appreciated.

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The usual way to do this is to generate the page as a PDF server-side an allow the user to download and print the PDF.

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