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My update that find a document, changes some fields and updates:

newdocument = db.collection.findOne{"id_" : ObjectId("2bfc42346cb2f36c4f3fc6264c")}
newdocument.somefield = "New value" 
db.collection.update({"_id" : ObjectId("2bfc42346cb2f36c4f3fc6264c")}, newdocument)

does nothing unless, I remove the _id field from newdocument, i.e. del newdocument["_id"]. Is this the expected behaviour?

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the _id is immutable it cannot be allowed to be updated, I think you are looking to use save instead –  Sammaye Jan 30 '13 at 18:07
... or skip the findOne and do the update atomically in place if your changes are fairly simple. –  mjhm Jan 30 '13 at 19:03

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The id is immutable but the structure you wrote also not needed to use. Simply:

db.collection.update({"_id" : ObjectId("2bfc42346cb2f36c4f3fc6264c")}, {$set:{"somefield":"New value"}})

will work

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