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I am wondering if it is possible to play several little audio files on iPhone. I created a sound file of 25µs but I can't play it on Simulator or on the Device. So I created several files 25µs, 50µs and 100µs but even if I use NSArray or NSMutableArray with ÀVQueuePlayer`I couldn't play it!

Do someone know the minimum time to play a sound or if what I am doing is possible?

Thank you for your answers

PS : My project is to communicate with other device on the audio

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There are so many things that are not said here, it's hard to know where to begin. For a start, what is the sample rate? what are the signals you attempting to play? define what 'audible means' in this context. – marko Jan 31 '13 at 0:38

What makes you think it is not being played ? 25µs is 25 millionth of a second long ! I suggest you start playing a clip which is audible, then cut its length in half and repeat until it becomes inaudible. Is your intention to have the other device listen ? you could get your play/listen loop working with audible clips then drill down.

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