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When I run the qooxdoo generator on my source, I get the error:

TypeError: 'int' object is not subscriptable

What about my source code is causing this:

/* ************************************************************************




   ************************************************************************ */

/* ************************************************************************


   ************************************************************************ */

 * This is the main application class of your custom application "first"
qx.Class.define("first.Application", {

    extend : qx.application.Standalone,
    members : {

    main : function() {
        // Call super class

        // Enable logging in debug variant
        if (qx.core.Environment.get("qx.debug")) {
        // support native logging capabilities, e.g. Firebug for Firefox
        // support additional cross-browser console. Press F7 to toggle visibility

        var layout = new qx.ui.layout.Grid(9, 5);

        var label_f = new qx.ui.basic.Label("fahrenheit");
        var label_c = new qx.ui.basic.Label("celsius");
        var tf_f = new qx.ui.form.TextField();
        var tf_c = new qx.ui.form.TextField();

        var button_f = new qx.ui.form.Button("F->C");
        var button_c = new qx.ui.form.Button("C->F");

        // Document is the application root
        var doc = this.getRoot();

        // Add button to document at fixed coordinates
        doc.add(label_f, {row: 0, column: 0});


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This is a Python exception. Your JavaScript seems fine, I got it running without problems. Can you please do the following:

  • state how you are running the generator (e.g. ./generate.py source)?
  • add an -s to your generator call (e.g. ./generate.py -s source - this prints a python stacktrace) and print the output here
  • run ./generate.py info and print the output here
  • validate your config.json if it's valid JSON via jslint.com => You should get: JSON: good.
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My bad. I was running generator.py from the qooxdoo distribution instead of generate.py from the root directory of my project. –  Terrence Brannon Jan 30 '13 at 20:22

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