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How do you embed a webview that can open other webviews that you can easily switch between into a PhoneGap application for Windows Phone 8? I can't find any resources on how to embed multiple webviews into a windows 8 mobile app. I'm really asking for any kind of guidance that could help. Thanks.

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Windows Phone does not support multiple WebBrowser controls on a single page. You'll need to use multiple pages if you need multiple embedded browser controls or change the contents of a single embedded control.

Without knowing what you're trying to achieve it's hard to know what the best suitable approach could be for you.

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I'm trying to make an app that opens a webpage with links to a bunch of individual widgets. I would like it so that when a link to one is clicked, it opens in a new page. Later, i would like to have a dropdown menu that would enable me to switch between all the available open webpages. –  slush32 Jan 31 '13 at 17:03

Take a look on ChildBrowser plugin which allows you to open a new browser window and even has events to capture responses from the spawned child window. This is the most closest thing in PhoneGap you are looking for.

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