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Why is this loop not printing the last line in the .txt file that I have saved elsewhere? It prints out all the lines except the very last one.

int count = 0;

Courses[] POS = new Courses[26];

while (scan.hasNext())
    POS[count] = new Courses(scan.nextLine());


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Do you mean to do nextLine() twice? –  demongolem Jan 30 '13 at 19:51

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You are getting the next line twice. You are lucky it doesn't throw a NPE or another exception :P

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I think the problem is that, as demongolem pointed out in the comments, you're calling scan.nextLine() twice.

If you have an even-numbered length of lines, that would mean this would print out every other line. If you have an odd-numbered length of lines, that would mean it would print out every other line, then throw an exception (NoSuchElement I believe?)


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