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I want to add a search input and overlap it on title bar of a jQuery dialog but my problems are:

  • I can't remove the css overflow property of this specific jQuery dialog
  • The Title bar is always at the top of my input search box.

I've also tried this:


Any idea how to remove the css property or any idea how to add a search input to it?

<div id="viewVoters" style="width: auto; min-height: 95px; height: auto; overflow: hidden;" class="ui-dialog-content ui-widget-content" scrolltop="0" scrollleft="0">  
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Just override it in your CSS:

#viewVoters {
    overflow: auto !important;  /* or 'visible' whatever */
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thanks!, I've changed the auto to visible. –  scireon Jan 30 '13 at 19:59

this will work for sure instead of

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yeah, better to get the specificity right than use !important in a production site.

Remember that one ID is higher than 4 classes and an element... '#MyID' is stronger than '.class1 .class2 .class3 .class4 p', so you probably need to look a parents to see where else there are ID's.

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I think he's trying to remove inline styles generated by Jquery. That's why I suggested !important –  uʍopǝpısdn Jan 31 '13 at 8:32

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