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I'm trying to make a for statement that have to echo a string that contains only two character. The type of string would by like "aaabbb". My problem is that the echo command make a new line each time I call it, so if I write something like:

FOR %%i IN (<condition>) DO ECHO a
FOR %%i IN (<condition>) DO ECHO b

The result would be something like:


What I thought was "Maybe echoing a unique string?" So I wondering if that a method to append a character/variable in another variable.

Thank you for your support, Waiting for a response, Dave.

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@ECHO off &SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion

    SET "fC=a"
    SET "sC=b"
    SET "toEcho="


    FOR /L %%f IN (1, 1, 3) DO (
        IF %%f == 1 SET "toEcho=!toEcho!%fC%"
        IF %%f == 2 SET "toEcho=!toEcho!%fC%"
        IF %%f == 3 SET "toEcho=!toEcho!%fC%"

    FOR /L %%f IN (4, 1, 6) DO (
        IF %%f == 4 SET "toEcho=!toEcho!%sC%"
        IF %%f == 5 SET "toEcho=!toEcho!%sC%"
        IF %%f == 6 SET "toEcho=!toEcho!%sC%"

    ECHO %toEcho%

GOTO end


The real project was a bar. I give the percentage of the done level as a parameter to a label and it make for me a full loading bar!

The first parameter is the how-big-the-bar-have-to-be info.

:bar size loaded

    SET /A "toDo=(%~1*%~2)/100"
    SET /A "remains=%~1-%toDo%"
    ECHO %~2%%

    SET "bar_up=%corUL%"
    FOR /L %%i IN (1, 1, %~1) DO SET "bar_up=!bar_up!%linHo%"
    SET "bar_up=!bar_up!%corUR%
    ECHO %bar_up%

    SET "bar_ce=%linVe%"
    FOR /L %%i IN (1, 1, %toDo%) DO SET "bar_ce=!bar_ce!%barDo%"
    FOR /L %%i IN (1, 1, %remains%) DO SET "bar_ce=!bar_ce!%barSp%"
    SET "bar_ce=!bar_ce!%linVe%
    ECHO %bar_ce%

    SET "bar_do=%corDL%"
    FOR /L %%i IN (1, 1, %~1) DO SET "bar_do=!bar_do!%linHo%"
    SET "bar_do=!bar_do!%corDR%
    ECHO %bar_do%

    EXIT /B

The others variables are:

corUL = the left-up corner character

corUR = the right-up corner character

corDL = the left-down corner character

corDR = the right-down corner character

linHo = the horizontal line character

linVe = the vertical line character

barDo = the character that indicate the done-part of the bar

barSp = the character that indicate the empty-part of the bar

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