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I have some wonky XML I'm trying to read values from.

    <elm>data here</elm>
    <elm>data here</elm>
    <elm>data here</elm>

I only have access to the the 3 line elements at this point.

As I loop over each line, for the first line I want to find the element term that happens to have "a" as a value since it's the "closest" to the first line child.

Same thing for the second line except I want to find the closest term element, which in this case is "b"

How can I accomplish this reliably using LINQ?

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If the term element always exactly precedes the line element, you can use



var element = XElement.Load(@"previous-sibling.xml");
var termsQuery =
            from line in element.Descendants("line")
            select new
                Elm = line.Descendants("elm").FirstOrDefault().Value,
                Term = line.ElementsBeforeSelf().LastOrDefault().Value
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Thank you! ElementsBeforeSelf is what I was missing. – aherrick Jan 30 '13 at 20:45

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