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My ultimate objective is to Insert formatted rich text into Outlook inspector (e.g. AppointmentItem, MailItem, etc). I asked this question on MSDN forums, and somebody replied I should use Clipboard to its copy contents, then Paste it in the window using hte target formatting I want to use.

I have the following HTML string


And I have the following C# code

Clipboard.SetText(insertString, TextDataFormat.Html);

//code to get Word.Range in my inspector item (inconsequential to this question)


The problem is that the Clipboard doesn't insert the text, or throws a COM Failed exception in the code.

COM exception when using Paste()

ANSWER thanks to jlew


HtmlFragment code found here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/jmstall/archive/2007/01/21/sample-code-html-clipboard.aspx

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Unless something has changed since the olden days (.NET 2, which was the last time I tried this) you need to add the proper clipboard header lines before putting it on the clipboard, as described here:


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