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I have a big query that has multiple Joins as below. Now I have to tune this query.

Current Logic is: If AppealOutcome Code = F/D/P then Insert ReAdjustedClaimControlNumber.

I need to change my Logic as: For Disposition F/D/P, When ReAdjustmentId is empty from MonthlyApepalFile, Use AdjustmentID. If AdjustmentId is also Empty, Use ClaimControlNumber.

Can anyone please throw any shortcuts?

Insert into rec.RecoveryClaims (ClaimControlKey, ClaimOutcomeCode, ClaimControlNumber )

            ,CASE   WHEN E.AppealOutcomecode = 'F' THEN E.ReadjustedClaimControlNumber
                    WHEN E.AppealOutcomecode = 'D' THEN E.ReadjustedClaimControlNumber
                    WHEN E.AppealOutcomecode = 'P' THEN E.ReadjustedClaimControlNumber
                    ELSE E.AdjustedClaimControlNumber
FROM rec.RecoveryClaims A 
INNER JOIN @ExistingRecoveryClaimControlKey b 
    on a.RecoveryClaimControlKey = b.RecoveryClaimControlKey
INNER JOIN occ.Claims C 
    on c.ClaimControlKey = A.ClaimControlKey
INNER JOIN @OutputRecoveryCases D 
    on D.CaseID = C.CaseId  
INNER JOIN @NewClaimControlNumbers E 
    ON C.CaseId = E.CaseID 
    AND A.ClaimControlKey = E.ClaimControlKey 
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Can you show us the current execution plan? – Matt A. Jan 30 '13 at 22:37
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You can collapse that CASE statement by using IN:

,CASE   WHEN E.AppealOutcomecode IN ('F', 'D', 'P') 
        THEN E.ReadjustedClaimControlNumber
        ELSE E.AdjustedClaimControlNumber

Next, if I understand your requirements, the next portion would look like:

,CASE   WHEN Disposition IN ('F', 'D', 'P') 
        THEN COALESCE(ReAdjustmentId , AdjustmentID, ClaimControlNumber)


If the strings are empty instead of NULL, you can use NULLIF in conjunction with COALESCE:

,CASE   WHEN Disposition IN ('F', 'D', 'P') 
            NULLIF(ReAdjustmentId, '') , 
            NULLIF(AdjustmentID, ''), 
            NULLIF(ClaimControlNumber, '')
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But How about if they are Empty String? – Rita Jan 31 '13 at 15:52
@Rita Please see my edit... NULLIF should solve this scenario. – Michael Fredrickson Jan 31 '13 at 16:42

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