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I'm compressing a data structure that has many fields. Which is a better approach, to use gzwrite to compress and write to file each of the fields, or write all of the fields to a buffer and compress that?

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Also, I'd like to elaborate that "better" is likely file size for a reasonable time tradeoff. –  Realn0whereman Jan 30 '13 at 21:22

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Separate calls of gzwrite won't make field compression separate: they'll be in a single compressed stream, as if you've written them with one call. If you wanted to gzclose and reopen in between, then there would be a difference.

(I think you know the tradeoffs for separate streams vs. single stream: with a single one, compression is better but you are unable to decompress only the fields you need. But again, there is no such tradeoff in your question: call gzwrite as it's convenient for you, the result will be the same).

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