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I have loaded bunch of .gz file into HDFS and when I create a raw table on top of them I am seeing strange behavior when counting number of rows. Comparing the result of the count(*) from the gz table versus the uncompressed table results in ~85% difference. The table that has the file gz compressed has less records. Has anyone seen this?

  col1 string, col2 string, col3 string)
LOCATION '/data/raw/test_gz'

select count(*) from test_gz;    result 1,123,456
select count(*) from test;  result 7,720,109
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Could u input more information? Such as filename in HDFS, the result of select * from test and select * from test_gz –  pensz Feb 1 '13 at 1:25
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I was able to resolve this issue. Somehow the gzip files were not fully getting decompressed in map/reduce jobs (hive or custom java map/reduce). Mapreduce job would only read about ~450 MB of the gzip file and write out the data out to HDFS without fully reading the 3.5GZ file. Strange, no errors at all!

Since the files were compressed on another server, I decompressed them manually and re-compressed them on the hadoop client server. After that, I uploaded the newly compressed 3.5GZ file to HDFS, and then hive was able to fully count all the records reading the whole file.


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  1. Why do you need LINES TERMINATED BY '\n'?
  2. Post DDL for second table
  3. Post result of hadoop fs -lsr /data/raw/test_gz
  4. Post result of hadoop fs -lsr
  5. How did you uncompress the file(s)?
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