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I'd like to wrap my code in a custom type of Closure during build process with Grunt (and uglify). This manipulation must keep the sourceMap working.

My use case is to wrap all my code inside a try/catch block to allow logging of the errors in production - without losing access to the stacktrace (unlike window.onerror). I'd probably use Raven-js 1.0 to work this out.

Anyone know how I could manage this easily?

If you just have tips that might bring a full answer, that'll be accepted too

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Did you forget to ask a question? :) – carbontax Jan 31 '13 at 1:19
@carbontax touché – Simon Boudrias Jan 31 '13 at 3:39
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Finally, I've found a grunt plugin (grunt-wrap) who does exactly this:

  wrap: {
    modules: {
      src: ['assets/*.js'],
      dest: 'dist/',
      wrapper: ['try {', '} catch(e) { Raven.captureException(e); }']

If you're interested in raven-js. I've been with the try/catch over Raven.context as this won't create a new global closure around the code.

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