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Is it possible in scriptella to get the data using sql request and access it into java code? Something like following:

    <connection id="metadata" url="jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/testDB" driver="scriptella.driver.postgresql.Driver" user="user" password="password" classpath="postgresql.jar"/>

    <connection id="java" driver="scriptella.driver.janino.Driver"/>

    <query connection-id="metadata">
        SELECT dataid FROM header_table;
        <query connection-id="java">
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Sure, it is possible in Janino or other scripting languages like JEXL or JS. Since Java is statically typed, you have to use get('name') method for accessing the variable:

<connection id="metadata" url="jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/testDB" user="user" password="password" classpath="postgresql.jar"/>

<connection id="java" driver="janino"/>

<query connection-id="metadata">
    SELECT dataid FROM header_table;
    <script connection-id="java">
       Object dataId = get("dataid"); 

Janino driver JavaDoc provides more details.

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