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its been a while since i have been working with AS3 so i have a pretty basic question - sorry for being a noob ;-)

I simply can't remember what eventListner to use if i want it to start my function up by it self (as in not a mouseevent.CLICK)

It is intended for a quick flash banner, that should just start up when ever a user enters the site where it is located.

thanks in advance! and sorry for this simple question - but i simply couldnt find it on google for some reason!

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You don't need to hook into an event for this. When the site is loaded, the swf will load and play. If the site is refreshed, then the swf will be reloaded (from cache) and be replayed So any code that instanciates your app will be executed.

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You can do loaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, _YourFunctionToBeExecuted) if you want to do something when your swf file has been loaded completely


You can do addEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, _YourFunctionToBeExecuted) if you want to run your code when the display object has been added to the stage

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