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I know that echo will echo the content and return will return the contents for further processing. How ever, I have said function:

class Content{

    protected $_html = '';

    public function display_content(){
        $this->_html = 'content';

    public function __toString(){
        return $this->html;

then some where I have the following:

$content = new Content();
<p><?php $content->disaply_content(); ?></p>

I get:


as the source code for the page. doesn't matter if I echo or just return, either way it displays out side the tag.


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Is there any other code when displaying the page? 'content' should not appear at all with the supplied code. – Jim Jan 30 '13 at 22:55
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I'm not sure where the second 'content' is coming from but note that:

<?php $content->display_content();?>

Will not display anything between the <p> tags. You should use:

<?php echo $content->display_content();?>

(I assume the disaply_content() was a typo in the question and not in the code).

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