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I have a dataTable and in a column a filterBy parameter.

When I type something on the filter box, it indeed filters the table but when I delete or change what I wrote on that field nothing happens and every other action in the page is blocked.

I mean, after that if I click on a button nothing happens, no event-action is performed.

I'm using JSF 2.1, on Tomcat 7, with EE5.

What are your suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance.

XHTML code fragment:

<p:dataTable value="#{consolidacionAslBean.listaMunicipios}"
    rowKey="#{municipio}" var="municipio" paginator="true"
    rows="5" id="tableMunicipio"
    selection="#{consolidacionAslBean.municipios}" style="font-size: 13px"

    <h:outputText value="#{municipio.catMunicipios.id.cdgMunicipio}" />

And bean the proper objects:

private List<AslMunicipios> filteredMunicipios;
private List<AslMunicipios> listaMunicipios;


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It would be better if you post a code snippet in form of SSCCE –  Luiggi Mendoza Jan 30 '13 at 23:01
@LuiggiMendoza Thanks, I've edited my question with the proper code snippet. –  Raul Arturo Medina Nussbaum Jan 30 '13 at 23:17

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