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I'm trying to create some comboboxes in my Excel template and fill this with info when my template is open. I want to use a thread to create this comboxbox but when I use the thread I get an exception (HRESULT: 0x80004002 (E_NOINTERFACE)) and I don't know what the problem is.

Any Idea how to solve this error?

This is the code to create the comboboxes and the code for the thread:

    public void FillcbCurrency()
        Worksheet AccTemplate = (Worksheet)Globals.Sheet1.Application.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets[1];
        Excel.Range range = AccTemplate.get_Range("D27", "D27");

        for (int i = 27; i <= 200; i++)
            range = (Range)AccTemplate.Cells[27, 4];
            cbCurrency = this.Controls.AddComboBox((Range)AccTemplate.Cells[i, 4], i.ToString()) as Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel.Controls.ComboBox;
            cbCurrency.AutoCompleteMode = AutoCompleteMode.Append;
            cbCurrency.AutoCompleteSource = AutoCompleteSource.ListItems;
            cbCurrency.DropDownStyle = ComboBoxStyle.DropDownList;
            for (int y = 0; y < Currency.Count(); y++)

This is the thread:

private void ThreadExecute()
    Thread newThreah = new Thread(FillcbCurrency);
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UI component is not thread safe, and need to be protected through synchronization. You should be using Control.BeginInvoke Method and EndInvoke method, please check how to use these methods in msdn. In addition, the COM calls to Excel should be in apartment. – ZZZ Jan 30 '13 at 23:58
Hi, Andy, I don't understand a lot how to use Control.BeginInvoke and EndInvoke but I'm trying to use it doing this but I still getting the same error so I don't know what I'm doig wrong ` TestDelegate d = new TestDelegate(FillcbCurrency); IAsyncResult ar = d.BeginInvoke("hello", null, null); ` Ps. Thanks For the Answer :) – Jose Retana Jan 31 '13 at 22:08

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