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I want to have a filter on my site so they only see what they want to see. For example a user enables a location filter and selects that he only wants to see USA profiles. I save the filters in an different database table then userdata and in json.

This sounds quite simple but it isn't :) I want to prevent that I have to paste a long group of code to almost every model function.

Is it for example possible that I create 1 time a function with json_decode and foreaches to generate the right active record (where) codes and insert it in a model function with for example $this->enableFilters(); ? I use multiple models so I actually don't want to add a function to every model.

Is this all possible?

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One option is to extend the core model class to include a common function. Look at the Extending Native Libraries part on the manual.

So, for example, you will create a MY_Model to extend CI_Model and all your models can extend MY_Model. Your common functions can be on MY_Model that is available to all child classes.

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