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I'm using Juno on macOSX mountain lion. CMD+W doesn't close editor windows, but it gives 'put breakpoint' for some Ocaml plugins. This is strange because I can't find anything OCaml in my plugins, neither from Help->Install New Software->already installed, nor the folders in the filesystem. I must have had the plugin before but already removed it.

Preferences->General->keys shows the right binding (CMD+W means closing and NO conflict), but it doesn't work. If I change it to another binding, that will work. But CMD+W is convenient.

The weird thing is that after removing ~/Library/Cache and ~/Library/Preferences for eclipse and installing a fresh copy, the problem persists. This is what drives me crazy.

Does anybody know what is the problem? What else can I remove to set eclipse to factory default?


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I tried to use another workspace and it worked fine. So I found in my current workspace a .metadata/.plugins folder and removed that. That was the reason.

Caution: this resets everything and removes all plugins.

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Well, I did this and it removed the workspace basically, so I have to import everything again. – Ixx Oct 23 '13 at 14:36

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