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Not sure if i'm using the right vocabulary. In the browsable api that comes for free with django-rest-framework, I was wondering if there was a way to autogenerate a form similar to how we define ModelForms. This would allow us to more easily test input to the API in some cases. I'm currently using ModelSerializers and the generic view APIView in case that makes a difference.

I have read the documentation (several times at this point) but didn't see it mentioned anywhere.


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If you're using the generic class-based-views you'll get that for free. Try the live tutorial at logging in as one of the users, so that you can create some snippets. eg user: 'max', password: 'max'.

Any views subclassing GenericAPIView and setting a serializer_class will get that behavior, as REST framework can determine what the form should look like.

For example:

screenshot of form input

(Note the form input at the bottom of the screen shot)

If you're just working from APIView you'll get the generic content input (such as json), like the once you've included a screenshot of, which is also useful, but not quite as convenient as the forms.

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ahh dammit. was confused going through the tutorial here: I was just using the APIView and not actually using the standard generic views like they do at the very bottom. Thanks! – w-- Jan 31 '13 at 21:20
You can do the same on APIView. Just set the serializer_class and it will be used for the form in the browsable api – Christoffer May 3 '15 at 8:13

I could still not get the exact form. Here is what i can see as of nowenter image description here

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