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So I need to convert an 8 bit (1 or 0) binary number to decimal, such that 1111 1111 is 255. Here is my code and it runs but it seems to be constantly looping through from when it should branch if it is zero, to isclr,then back to the main loop constantly. The program does ask me to enter in my binary number but once I do so and press enter nothing happens but in the background it is constantly running through the loop. I am trying to test by entering 11111111.

I am not sure what is wrong with it. I'm using QTSpim, I am an amateur therefore perhaps the most basic English would help me understand. Any help is very much appreciated.


    li $v0, 4           #Display question
    la $a0, prompt1

    li $v0, 8           #Read 8 bit str
    la $a0, buffer
    li $a1, 12          #read char of str in $a1

    la $t0, buffer
    li $t1, 0           #$t1 = 0
    li $t3, 1           #$t3 = 1
    li $t4, 0           #$t4 = 0
    li $t5, 2           #$t5 = 2
    lbu $t2, ($t0)      #loops through the buffer
    beq $t2, $t3, isset #if 1 go to isset
    beq $t2, $t1, isclr #if 0 go to isclr
    j   loop
    bne $t4, $t1, else  #if $t4 != 0 goto else
    li  $t4, 1          #if = 0, make $t4 = 1
    j   loop
    mult $4, $t5
    j   loop
    bne $t4, $t1, else1 #if $t4 != 0 goto else
    li  $t4, 1          #if = 0, make $t4 = 1
    j   loop
    mult $t4, $t5
    j   loop

    li $v0, 4
    la $a0, prompt2

    li $v0, 1
    move $a0, $t4
    li $v0, 10
    .space 8

    .align 4
    .asciiz "Enter your number (1 or 0): "
    .asciiz "The number in base 10 is: "
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"some error".. elaborate plase - how do you expect people to help you if you don't give them basic informations? without that I can give you an immediate answer: "you have to change something" ;) –  andr Jan 31 '13 at 1:04
Made edits to the post ^^^ , sorry about that. –  N4nier Jan 31 '13 at 1:54

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