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Can I log work on an issue with status "Closed"? I am in the Sprint "Agile" area, and dragged a few issues from "In Progress" to "Done". I forgot to actually log the hours worked, expecting the "estimated" time to just propagate to "logged work". Re-opening the issues is cumbersome and creates an unnecessary trail of notifications.

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This is not coding question. Atlassian has its own forum and FAQ. –  fabiopagoti Sep 12 '13 at 12:23

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To allow issue-editing while the issue is closed:

Go to the project Workflows screen and download it as and XML file.

Then edit the XML file and in the Closed step:

    <step id="6" name="Closed">
      <meta name="">6</meta>
      <meta name="jira.issue.editable">false</meta>
        <common-action id="3" />


<meta name="jira.issue.editable">false</meta>


<meta name="jira.issue.editable">true</meta>

You can also mark or remove this line, but it's helpful to keep it for future needs.

Lastly, upload the edited workflow back to Jira.

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Perfect, thanks. Also the JIRA admin UI will let you update this value in the browser and publish without the XML step. –  The Camster Jan 31 '13 at 18:15

You can even skip the "export to xml" part. In the workflow edit screen you can directly click on the gear-icon that appears when hovering over the "closed" status and thick the "Issue editable" flag.

Note that you have to have a custom workflow for this, since the JIRA default workflow is not editable.

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