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My goal is to restart InnoDB transaction the right way if Deadlock found, and sometimes, data in an object changes upon execution and I need to roll it back to its former state. For that I might use Object Cloning, but I'm not %100 sure about it, because these objects have no __clone() methods defined and I have no time to add them. From the other side, it's very rare these Objects have composed Objects inside.

Here is my code:

protected function callAction() {

    $action = $this->Method.'Action';

    // Storing an Object
    $SavedPackageObject = clone $this->PackageObject;

    try {

        // First attempt
        $res = $this->PackageObject->$action();

    } catch(MySQLiDeadlockException $e) {

        $i = 0;

        do {

            // Restoring an Object
            $this->PackageObject = clone $SavedPackageObject;

            try {

                $res = $this->PackageObject->$action();

                // Success    

            } catch(MySQLiDeadlockException $e) {

                // Cancel iterations if limit is reached
                if($i > 9)
                    throw $e;




        } while(1);


    return $res;


There's another approach on Object copying which is Deep Cloning:


I also thinking of adding __clone() to parent class of all of these package Objects:

// php.net example
function __clone(){ 
    foreach($this as $name => $value){ 
            $this->$name= clone($this->$name); 

Question: Is it okay to use clone and define __clone() in parent or I could just serialize/unserialize?

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For what you're doing, clone makes the most sense and should be the most efficient. I can't think of any benefit of serializing your object to a string, just to unserialize it to regain it's state.

I'd assume that if you had to override _clone, you'd have to override _sleep and __wakeup (depending on your object) if serializing?

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Yes, that's correct. I have added __clone() to parent and it works as a charm. –  Roman Newaza Jan 31 '13 at 4:51

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