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I have this:

function toggleCharts() {
var x, divArray = ["item_4746983", "item_4491867"];
for (x in divArray) {
    if (x) {
        document.getElementById(divArray[x]).style.display = 'block';

<button onClick="toggleCharts();">Charts</button>

and this:

#item_4746983 {

#item_4491867 {

item_4746983 & item_4491867 are thumbnails that I want to show or hide when you click on charts

The code works and they display when I click the button but I can't figure out the code to hide them by clicking on it again.

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this is not the problem, but you should not use for..in to iterate on those kind of arrays –  ajax333221 Jan 31 '13 at 2:16

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Instead of styling by id, style by class:

.hiddenThumbnail {

Then apply and remove the hiddenThumbnail class to and from the two items. This makes your css code smaller, and makes everything generally more maintainable. See this excellent answer for a guide on how to modify the classes.

Alternatively, use a library like YUI to do it (I'm sure jquery has similar functions also).

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Check if the div is shown already and change the display. The following code should work.

var div = document.getElementById(divArray[x])
var shown = div.style.display;

if ("block" == shown) {
    div.style.display = none;
} else {
    div.style.display = block;

Here is a link that shows various ways of doing what you want: http://www.dustindiaz.com/seven-togglers/

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Check the demo.

function toggleCharts() { 
    var divArray = ["item_4746983", "item_4491867"], i, ele;
    for (i=0; i < divArray.length; i++) {
        ele = document.getElementById(divArray[i]);
        ele.style.display = ele.style.display === 'block' ? 'none' : 'block';
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