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Here's a query:

  FROM table
 WHERE id = 1
    OR id = 100
    OR id = 50

Note that I provided the ids in this order: 1,100,50.

I want the rows to come back in that order: 1,100,50.

Currently, i comes back 1,50,100 - basically in ascending order. Assume the rows in the table were inserted in ascending order also.

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You can just do this with ORDER BY:

   id = 1 DESC, id = 100 DESC, id = 50 DESC

0 is before 1 in ORDER BY.

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I did not know I could do this, it's exactly what I needed. thanks! – Kevin Feb 3 '13 at 21:46

Use the MySQL specific FIND_IN_SET function:

  SELECT t.* 
    FROM table t
   WHERE IN (1, 100, 50)
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You better hope this is a tiny table or you can forget about getting any kind of performance out of it. This is temporary table territory in the worst possible way. – tadman Jan 31 '13 at 3:30

Another way to approach this would put the list in a subquery:

select table.*
from table join
     (select 1 as id, 1 as ordering union all
      select 100 as id, 2 as ordering union all
      select 50 as id, 3 as ordering
     ) list
     on =
order by list.ordering
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+1 for the most database agnostic option – OMG Ponies Jan 31 '13 at 3:42

Try this

FROM new
OR ID =100
OR ID =50
ORDER BY ID=1 DESC,ID=100 DESC,ID=50 DESC ;!2/796e2/5

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... WHERE id IN (x,y,x) ORDER BY FIELD (id,x,y,z)

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