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I am using Android Google API 10 and testing on real device running Gingerbred. From SoftKeyboard service (from sample), I am calling a help dialogue on pressing a key using:

Intent i = new Intent(this, About.class);

It displays fine. But when a user presses backbutton to dismiss the "About" activity, even the SoftKeyboard vanishes (if nothing is already in composing view e.g. in message, it comes back at New Message).

Note:I could disable backkey on About.class by using onBackPressed(), but that's not what I want. The backkey could not be disabled in SoftKeyboard class similarly, but that's not anyway what I want to achieve.

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A couple of ideas.

I had a similar problem and fixed it by inserting this:

public void showKbd(View view) {
    if(!(mgr==null)) mgr.showSoftInput(page, InputMethodManager.SHOW_IMPLICIT);

where mgr is:

public InputMethodManager mgr;

In another similar case, I put this in the manifest for the activity:


This attribute forces keyboard display. Hope one of these helps...

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