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I have a partial view which contain an MVC WebGrid as below

 <div id="grid">
                var grid = new WebGrid(source: Model.Items,
                                       defaultSort: "Name", 
                                       rowsPerPage: 100);

            @grid.GetHtml(columns: grid.Columns(
                        grid.Column(columnName: "Name", header: "Name", canSort:true),
                        grid.Column(columnName: "Code", header: "Code")

This partial view is loaded using Jquery ajax call and result is inserted into a DIV in the main page.

The table render fine but my problem is that the sorting always generates a callback to the server. I want the sorting to happen at the client side only. Is it possible using WebGrid without using external datatables like jQuery datatable?

Thanks in advance

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see this.. Razor webgrid ajax paging and sorting –  Mortalus Jan 31 '13 at 3:23
Thanks for the response. But I dont want to do an AJAX sorting as well.. I want the complete sorting to happen in Javascript –  Sri Jan 31 '13 at 3:36
Thanks for the reply. Could you please post the reply as "Answer" so that I can give you credit. –  Sri Jan 31 '13 at 3:52

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You should probably implement Cline-Side Sorting by yourself according to the loaded table take a look here...

NOTE!: you could always make it more generic by using html attributes to tag your WebGrid. Tag the table with 'data-clineSideSort=true' then add a jquery event that will attach the JS functionality to all such tables holding this property...

 function SortTable(sortOn)
     var table = document.getElementById('results');
     var tbody = table.getElementsByTagName('tbody')[0];
     var rows = tbody.getElementsByTagName('tr');

     var rowArray = new Array();
     for (var i = 0, length = rows.length; i < length; i++)
         rowArray[i] = new Object;
         rowArray[i].oldIndex = i;
         rowArray[i].value = rows[i].getElementsByTagName('td')[sortOn].firstChild.nodeValue;

     if (sortOn == sortedOn)         {
     else         {
         sortedOn = sortOn;
    Decide which function to use from the three:RowCompareNumbers,
    RowCompareDollars or RowCompare (default).
    For first column, I needed numeric comparison.
         if (sortedOn == 0)             {
         else             {

     var newTbody = document.createElement('tbody');
     for (var i = 0, length = rowArray.length; i < length; i++)

     table.replaceChild(newTbody, tbody);

 function RowCompare(a, b)
     var aVal = a.value;
     var bVal = b.value;
     return (aVal == bVal ? 0 : (aVal > bVal ? 1 : -1));

 // Compare number
 function RowCompareNumbers(a, b)
     var aVal = parseInt(a.value);
     var bVal = parseInt(b.value);
     return (aVal - bVal);

 // compare currency
 function RowCompareDollars(a, b)
     var aVal = parseFloat(a.value.substr(1));
     var bVal = parseFloat(b.value.substr(1));
     return (aVal - bVal);
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Have a look at jQuery Tablesorter. It can be applied to any well formed table (ie, has thead and tbodyelements. The only gotcha I can think of here is to make sure you bind table sorter once the data has been loaded in your ajax call.

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