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I am learning rails and routing has me wanting to jump off the roof.
I am confused on how to go about routing my activation at this point. I have the following currently in my user routing: resources :users, only: [:new,:create,:show]. Now I want a route to Users#activate like this Now I know I can just simply do a match '/activate/:auth_token', to: 'users#activate but I am not sure whether this is convention. I was reading this guide on user authentication but it seems its routing is rails 2. Can I do something to add the route mentioned above by simply adding something to the resource itself. By that I mean doing something like (I know this won't work)

resource :users do 
   member do
     get :activate
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you need to pass it as a collection. As a rule, anything that uses a resource's id is under a member, anything else is under a collection. You can try get :activate, on: :collection but you need to pass :auth_token as a params so your url will look like /users/activate?auth_token=.... Use match if you want to use the prettier version of the url. – jvnill Jan 31 '13 at 3:35
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rails3 guide

resources :users do 
  collection do
    get "activate/:a_long_token" => "users#activate", as: :activate

rake routes outputs this

activate_users GET    /users/activate/:a_long_token(.:format) users#activate
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