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I am using C# official MongoDB nugget library.

I hosted the web service on Windows Azure, and the MongoDB database at Mongolab.

I connected to a server with the code below:

connection = mongodb://"
_server = MongoServer.Create(connection);

Previously it is working fine and it work fine at local testing server, but at my latest publish I get error below:

ExceptionMessage":"Invalid keyword 'data source'."," ....... at MongoDB.Driver.MongoConnectionStringBuilder.set_Item(String keyword, Object value)

Anyone know what is the problem?

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The following works for me:

var client = new MongoClient("mongodb://");
var server = client.GetServer();
var database = server.GetDatabase("MyDataBaseName");

If your username or password contains special characters, you might want to encode them.

Please also note that your database username and password may well be different to your MongoLab login!

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