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I’m trying to create a validation field for a model that I don’t have in the table of the database. But I get this error "The column name 'editPassword' is not valid.”

Here’s my code from the model…

private string _editPassword = "0";
        [LocalizedDisplayName("UserPassword", NameResourceType = typeof(Languages.Names))]
        [StringLength(12, MinimumLength = 6, ErrorMessageResourceName = "MinimumStringLength", ErrorMessageResourceType = typeof(Languages.Validations))]
        public virtual string editPassword { get { return _editPassword; } set { _editPassword = value; } }
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Try adding the [NotMapped] attribute to your Property.

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Yes, this worked pretty nice. Thank you very much. –  memeonline Jan 31 '13 at 17:04

You would do well to create a separate View Model and use Automapper to map between your database entities and the View model instead of trying to use database entities directly in the view.

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