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For a new project Foobar in the ~/Code folder, Xcode creates the following in ~/Code/Foobar/:

  • .git
  • Foobar
  • Foobar.xcodeproj

For third party libraries, I put them in a ~/Code/Foobar/Vendor folder, for example:

 cd ~/Code/Foobar/Vendor
 git clone

There two .git folders:

  • ~/Code/Foobar/.git/
  • ~/Code/Foobar/Vendor/GPUImage/.git/

In the future, will Xcode's Source Control > Commit Selected Files... feature work nicely with both .git repositories?

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You probably want to look at Submodules: or Subtree Merging: – shf301 Jan 31 '13 at 4:16
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XCode 4 does know how to manage submodules, if you chose that approach (see "Xcode 4 workspace with two interdependent projects: should I also use git submodule?").
Such an approach is illustrated in "adding a simple library to an xcode 4 project".

But even without submodule, it should manage nested git repos just fine. The parent git repo would ignore the nested one.

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