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Given a string "pos:665181533 pts:11360 t:11.360000 crop=720:568:0:4 some more words"

Is it possible to extract string between "crop=" and the following space using bash and grep?

So if I match "crop=" how can I extract anything after it and before the following white space?

Basically, I need "720:568:0:4" to be printed.


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You could use awk. – Triztian Jan 31 '13 at 4:46
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I'd do it this way:

grep -o -E 'crop=[^ ]+' | sed 's/crop=//'

It uses sed which is also a standard command. You can, of course, replace it with another sequence of greps, but only if it's really needed.

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I would use sed as follows:

echo "pos:665181533 pts:11360 t:11.360000 crop=720:568:0:4 some more words" | sed 's/.*crop=\([0-9.:]*\)\(.*\)/\1/'


s/          : substitute
.*crop=     : everything up to and including "crop="
\([0-9.:]\) : match only numbers and '.' and ':' - I call this the backslash-bracketed expression
\(.*\)      : match 'everything else' (probably not needed)
/\1/        : and replace with the first backslash-bracketed expression you found
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This is a bit excessive... it "eats" every part of the expression - but it does spell out how to make a regex work for you in a situation like this. – Floris Jan 31 '13 at 4:59

I think this will work (need to recheck my reference):

awk '/crop=([0-9:]*?)/\1/'
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